I’ve been into photography for more years than I care to recall, starting off with a manual 35mm film camera. The camera was a Praktica L, I think, and it didn’t have an in-built light meter like todays cameras, you used a separate hand-help light meter in those days, or simply estimated the exposure times, shutter speed and aperture. Thankfully things have moved on as ways. It’s all digital these days, with computers for processing rather than the old film tank and chemicals, even the darkroom has vanished to be replaced with online webpages and galleries.

Just about all my digital photography has been online on my website, Gary Buckham, but it was getting just too large to easily manage and I split it into two separate sites. The first, Bad Photography includes all my usual images and this one, Simply Selfies, houses the many thousands of selfies I’ve taken in recent years.

My interest in selfies came about on a less than successful street photography trip to Edinburgh. I was just not managing to take anything interesting, and remembered a comment on one photo blog that if you are struggling to come up with anything you like, start taking photographs of yourself, take some selfies. And this is what I did.

As selfies numbers soon started to grow into the hundreds I quickly discovered that there was an endless variety of them out there and I started to try and take a different selfies as I could each time. Looking for all manner of ways and means to achieve yet another selfie. Reflective surfaces can be found everywhere, shop windows, department stores, even puddles provide a reflection. Then when you move away from hand-holding the camera to remote camera, the options are endless.

I soon became fascinated with looking at the many different selfies styles, methods, camera positions and types of camera that could produce different selfies. And it was for this reason that I decided to move all my selfies images into a site of their own where I could share all the knowledge I’ve accrued over the past few years.

On Simply Selfies I’m planning to look at a variety of aspects of the selfie, from the many different styles of selfie to the wide range of equipment that can be used to create them. All the pages will be illustrated with examples of my own work along with details of how they were created. My aim is to, hopefully show, that there is more to the selfie than holding your mobile phone at arm’s length and pressing to the shutter button.

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